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Product Engineering
The Quasar team can design in almost any medium, including metal, plastic, stainless steel, and much more. Our principal designer holds four U.S. patents, two of them as a sole inventor. For examples of our product engineering, see Our Work.
Quasar Design Services
Quasar Design Services works with large international manufacturers and product development companies as well as individual inventors and entrepreneurs. Below is a short list of some of our abilities and services. 

- Project Management                        - Product Engineering                                  - Testing 
- Schematic Design Strategy              - Reverse Engineering                                 - FEA Analysis  
- Design Drawings                              - SolidWorks and Fusion 360 Modeling       - Moldflow Analysis
- Electronic Design                             - 3D Printing Services                                  - CFD Simulations 
- IOT Consulting                                 - CNC Machining                                          - Sourcing Nationally & Internationally
Electronic Design
Our engineers have a vast knowledge of electronics and electrical circuits. We can help you create any device, instrument or circuit and made prototypes for testing. For examples of our electronic designs, see Our Work.
SolidWorks and Fusion 360 modeling
We use the best digital 3D modeling software on the market; SolidWorks and Fusion 360. If you have designs in AutoCAD, LightWave, VisualMill, Rhinoceros, 3D Studio Max or other files, we would be happy to work with those formats. For examples of our digital 3D modeling, see Our Work.   

3D Printing Services
Our 3D printers produce prototypes in ABS and PLA. They create objects with a build volume of more than 300 cubic inches. We accept solid models in STL file formats as input, as well as open source files. We can print items with a detailed resolution around 250 microns. For examples of our 3D prints, see Our Work

Moldflow Analysis
If you have a product that will be constructed out of a plastic mold, analysis of how that mold will uphold your product is of utmost importance. Our team provides a moldflow analysis to review and correct any necessary adjustments to your mold. For more information, please Contact Us

Schematic Design Strategy 
The design process can be quick, or take many iterations. Our team can produce an array of initial design options, give constructive feedback on your team's designs, and strategize design development throughout the project. To see examples of our schematic designs, please see Our Work

Design Drawings
It is important for both manufacturing and intellectual property rights for your inventions to be thoroughly communicated through formal design drawings. Our team is able to complete these with the utmost attention to detail and your goals in-mind. For examples of our design drawings, please see Our Work

CFD Simulations
IOT Consulting
CNC Machining
There are many materials to work with when producing products. CNC Machining is a process we are familiar with. Our team can prototype or create final products through this process. For examples of our CNC Machining, please see Our Work

FEA Analysis 
Project Management
We manage projects of all sizes and needs. If you need only a single task complete, or want to take an idea through design and manufacturing, we plan out each project so it is on time and budget to fit your needs. For further information on how we can work with your team, see Contact Us.   

Sourcing Nationally & Internationally
Trying to find a manufacturing partner? We have an extensive network of trustworthy manufacturers here in the US, and also around-the-world. We are happy to find the right manufacturing partner for your product as well. For more information on our sourcing abilities, please Contact Us

Lots of products need testing to ensure they are safe for use. Our testing expertise ranges from aging, metrology, sound, force gauge and more. We can test in-house as well as manage third-party testing for you and your team. For examples of products we have taken through testing, see Our Work
Reverse Engineering of other products
Our engineers can take a product and know what material it is made of and how it is made. This is often helpful to inventors, manufacturers, and large organizations looking to develop or enhance existing products. For more information on how we can reverse engineer for you, please Contact Us
Many product solutions need technical simulations to review "Fluid Dynamics" or movement. Whether this is of the product interacting with it's environment, or how it performs its job, CFD simulations might be required for your project. For examples of our CFD simulations, please see Our Work.  
As products and people are more connected in our world, the Internet of Things is becoming more and more our way of life. Quasar Design can help your team plan and engineer your products to incorporate both the hardware and software solutions. For more information, please Contact Us

Often when products are being engineered, a formal analysis of the structure, heat transfer, fluid flow, mass transport, or electromagnetic potential is required. We can do this and give your team the formal assessment as well as our recommendations for any required adjustments. For examples of our FEA Analysis, please see Our Work.