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Quasar 3D Printing Specifications
With our in-house capabilities, we can print your parts using:

CNC Machining Specifications
Our in-house capabilities allow us to machine parts.
2. Fused Deposition Modeling:
  • Print area of 10" X 10" X 8" or 11" diameter and 14.75" height.
  • Materials are ABS and PLA. 
  • Both ABS and PLA are available in many different colors. 
  • <100 microns at high resolution to 280 microns at low resolution.
We offer fast turnaround for all our clients. For Chicago area customers, we can often drive the parts to your facility when time is of the essence.
1. uPrint Stratasys printer 
  • Printing area of 8" x 8" x 6".
  • Materials are ABS, PLA, .
  • 250 at high resolution to 330 microns at low resolution.
Build area up to 29.5" (X) x 29.5" (Y) x 2.5" (Z)

Materials include polypropylene, polyethylene, ABS, wood, aluminum, brass. 

We offer quick turnaround times to all our clients.For clients in the Chicago area, we are often able to drive parts to your facility when time is of the essence. Our U.S.-based partners can build larger parts in a wider variety of materials.

Working with our U.S.-based partners, we can print almost any part in several different colors, using ABS, PLA, ceramic, aluminum, steel, and other specialty materials.